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Pet diagnostic tools are imperative for preventing pet disease, maintaining optimal health, and treating injured or sick pets. Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital's diagnostic equipment makes it possible for us to quickly and completely understand your pet’s health on a deeper level. Our digital x-rays allow us to view your pet's radiographs quickly, with less radiation exposure and less time needed to take the x-ray. We also offer both an extensive in-house laboratory as well as access to an outpatient laboratory for comprehensive diagnostics.

In-House Laboratory

With our in-house laboratory, you won't have to wait days in order to know your pet's health results. Whether the results are from routine health screenings or an emergency analysis, our doctors can get results quickly and give you the necessary information so that we can make informed decisions for your pet's care.

If we need to expand any of our testing, we also rely on an outside laboratory so offer complete lab testing for your pet.

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Digital Radiography

With X-ray, we can diagnose foreign bodies, broken bones, arthritis, and more. Digital X-ray imaging has so many advantages over traditional film X-ray, including higher-quality images, the ability to share images with other doctors and/or specialists, less radiation, faster processing, and a shorter, easier procedure for your pet.