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Your pets are part of your family. Making the decision for pet euthanasia is never an easy one, and we do not take it lightly. Stoney Creek aims to be your resource for honest answers. We do not suggest pet euthanasia lightly, but it is an inevitable part of owning a pet. We do what we can to give you and your pet comfort in their last moments.

If your pet has a terminal illness, their quality of life has diminished beyond improvement, or needlessly suffering from the affects of old age, end-of-life care may provide the relief your pet needs.

If you think the time may be near, please feel free to contact us. We will not make the decision for you, but we will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice for your pet’s well-being. If you’re having trouble making a decision about your pet’s end of life care, you can always turn to us for help.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

When the time comes that you and your pet's veterinarian agree that euthanasia is the humane thing to do, our kind and compassionate team will be here to support you through the entire process.

We encourage family members to be there with your pet so that everyone has a chance to say goodbye for closure, as well as help your pet cross the rainbow bridge peacefully.

During euthanasia, we will give your pet a sedative to help them relax and be at peace. You are welcome to hold your pet as they’re getting sleepy. Once the sedative is in full effect, a veterinarian and technician will help your pet to cross the rainbow bridge. You can stay with them to provide you closure in the grieving process. If this is not an option for you, we will love upon and comfort your pet during this time.

There are several ways to memorialize and honor your pet’s life. Once your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, we can help keep their memory alive with several options:

  1. Private Cremation. This service cremates the pet’s remains on an individual basis, and you’ll receive his or her ashes in an urn. Private cremations enable clients to spread, bury, or keep the ashes after receiving them. This is an excellent choice for closure emotionally.
  2. Group Cremation. This option involves cremating the remains of pets' and then all of the ashes are spread together. If this is a choice, we are unable to return your pet's specific ashes to you.
  3. Pet Burial. Some pet owners prefer to bury their pet at home. If this option is your preference, we support your decision and will provide your pet's body post-euthanasia. Please be sure to follow your local or state ordinance to ensure compliance.

We often know our patients for their whole lives. We recognize that these considerations will never be easy to make. Let us be here for you when the time comes.

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