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A healthy pet is so much more than a good diet and exercise. Regular check-ups of all aspects of your pet's health are necessary. These yearly wellness exams allow our hospital to take preventive measures to protect your pet from disease, parasites, and harmful bacteria. Bringing your pet in regularly keeps us up to date on everything about your pet, giving us a baseline so that we can notice changes as your pet ages. Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital's goal is to create a relationship with you and your pet so that we can detect any potential problems early and get them taken care of before they become serious.

From giving your new kitten or puppy their vaccinations and dewormers to keeping your senior pets comfortable, our doctors are well-versed in many species of pets and their life-stages, so we truly are your complete veterinary care partner.

Can't remember your pet's last check-up?

Why Do Pets Need Yearly Checkups?

Animals don't realize the environmental hazards that are present in their day-to-day adventures. Parasites, bacteria, and viruses can be found just about everywhere. if your pet is both indoor and outdoor, they could potentially be bringing those hazards into your home as well.

Wellness care and preventive medicine aren't exclusive to outdoor pets only. Pet's who live solely indoors also need help to keep any problems at bay. It doesn’t take much for a curious pet to get into trouble.

Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital is available to give your pet proper care and aid should your pet need it. This can include:

  • A physical exam from one of our veterinarians to look for any unusual changes in your pet
  • Immunizing / vaccinating your pet regularly to increase resistance to disease
  • Testing your pet's blood and stool to screen for pesky parasites, illness, or other issues
  • Prescribing preventive medicine for fleas, ticks, and heartworms for your pet
  • Evaluating your pet's diet, behavior, and activity to offer any areas of improvement
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We Treat Both Healthy and Ill Pets of Any Age

Our staff is available to give your pet the best care possible, whether they are in perfect health or facing an illness or injury. Our veterinarians are kind, caring, and knowledgeable in all life-stages, as well as many species of pets. Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital treats dogs, cats, and exotic species. Whatever your pet's age or health status—we are here for you.

Your pet's veterinary care needs will be very different—even from one visit to the next! As your pet ages, he or she will likely need more frequent exams, x-rays, booster shots, or even laser therapy treatments. Because their needs change, we suggest older pets see us twice yearly since wellness exams are critical for early disease detection.